Tammy Sytch Continues Her Negative Messages Towards Lacey Von Erich

– As noted over the weekend, former WWE Diva Tammy “Sunny” Sytch directed some rather crude remarks towards TNA newcomer Lacey Von Erich on her Facebook account. While it appeared she was bashing the third generation wrestler over her “less than stellar” TNA debut last week, she wrote a follow-up comment saying her anger actually stemmed from what she said about Angelina Love (in a recent interview with the Miami Herald).



As if her earlier tirade wasn’t enough, the self-proclaimed “Original Diva” continued attacking Von Erich on her Facebook account following our post, topping it off with a rather callous remark. Here is what she wrote:

Tamara Lynn Sytch: “thinks it’s hysterical that (name of certain wrestling website) website “journalists” can’t think of their own material to write about, so they have to quote my Facebook status updates…hahaha…quote this, (name of certain wrestling reporter)–Lacey is a disrepectful ignorant b…itch…I never back down from my words. How long before that goes on your site?? LOLOL”

Tamara Lynn Sytch: “I cant possibly see TNA allowing her to do the cruise now… but if she does, and if she even looks at me wrong, I’ll knock the bitch out.”

Tamara Lynn Sytch: “Yeah, she’ll overdose or shoot herself before you know it….ok, enough. I gotta go do some laundry…thats more important than LVE. later peeps!”

Regarding Sytch’s note on a cruise, both her and Von Erich are booked to appear on a wrestling-themed cruise next summer.

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