Taylor Swift Called Senator ‘Trump In A Wig’

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) offered praise for Taylor Swift during an interview with Newsmax, breaking from the growing criticism and conspiracy theories directed at the singer from some pro-Trump media and political figures. Blackburn acknowledged Swift’s popularity, talent, and business success, expressing satisfaction that Swift has chosen to base her empire in Nashville, Tennessee.



When asked about Swift’s influence on elections, Blackburn emphasized that people consider issues important to them when making voting decisions. She pointed to concerns about the border and the Biden administration’s border policies as significant issues for many voters in Tennessee.

In response to a question about Swift previously calling her “Donald Trump in a wig,” Blackburn humorously replied, “I just shake it off,” referencing one of Swift’s popular songs. The senator’s response suggested a willingness to overlook personal criticisms and focus on policy issues.

Taylor Swift has faced increased attention and conspiracy theories from some right-wing media figures, including suggestions that she is a “Pentagon asset” and claims that the Super Bowl is rigged to boost her endorsement of President Joe Biden. Despite the criticism, Blackburn’s remarks reflected a more measured and positive stance towards the singer.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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