Taylor Swift Spotted With WWE Star In Photo

Despite suffering a difficult defeat against NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov at NXT Deadline, Baron Corbin appears to be doing rather well in life. The popular Kansas City Chiefs supporter attended the Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills game on Sunday night, and he was joined by none other than the renowned Taylor Swift.



Baron Corbin performed well on Sunday, and it wasn’t only because the Chiefs were playing. He tweeted a picture of himself hanging out with Taylor Swift, and it got a lot of attention. At the time of the photo, the Chiefs were behind 17–14, and fans were both excited and full of questions.

Corbin’s presence at the game wasn’t the only wrestling-related NFL appearance on this wrestling-filled Sunday. Goldberg made an appearance at the Falcons game and Johnny Gargano showed up at the Browns game.

Baron Corbin seems to be having a great time lately. He was seen hanging out with Taylor Swift and watching the Chiefs play. It’s safe to say that things are going well for him at the moment. Fans are curious to see what other exciting surprises and experiences are in store for the Lone Wolf in the near future.

Baron Corbin certainly had quite an eventful Sunday, hanging out with Taylor Swift and attending the Chiefs vs. Bills game.

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