Taz Talks About the Fans at the iMPACT Zone, His TNA PPV Debut and More

– Taz has posted a new blog on his Facebook page talking about his experience in TNA so far. Here are some highlights:



On his debut: I think some of you thought I was gonna come out and suplex someone Or choke someone out. I physically CAN NOT WRESTLE ANYMORE!! I cannot BUMP anymore..I have numbness in my right arm on a daily basis…I have about 40% range of motion in my neck folks! For the 20th Billion time…I’m DONE. Hence why I am an announcer.

The iMPACT Zone: Also, I could not have been happier with the reaction I received in the Impact Zone during Victory Road…thanks to those in attendance! Not a lot of you fit in that cool building/studio but you guys are some loud M’fers!! Reminds me of a bingo hall I was in a few times! Love the Impact Zone!!

Samoa Joe: I met Joe for the 1st time on Sunday and by Monday I felt like I knew the dude 20 years…no BS! Awesome guy, great attitude & tremendous athlete! I’m proud to work with him!

His weight: And for those who are obsessed with my body weight, I lost 17 lbs during my 90 Days….I wish I can say it was more but I like to EAT….sorry.

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