TDS [003] – What’s Next for Christian?

Much apologies to the lack thereof a post yesterday. Quite frankly I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had to do, and was away from any type of electronics all day. Anyways, it does not matter, I’m back today, and better than ever. Now, let us see what is in store for today, shall we?



On Friday night, or Tuesday for the smart asses, Christian lost the World Heavyweight Championship, shortly after winning it. You already know that I’m pissed about; not only because it was my favorite superstar in Christian; not only because it cheapens the credibility of the belt; not only because it’s Orton’s 8th reign in an extremely short span of time; but also because of how “predictable” WWE TV is going to become.

I know I’m not the only one out there that dislikes the move to take the belt off of Christian. It’s been heavily evidenced by the shear amount of outcry Christian fans have done. I, for one, think that it is ridiculous that people have gone to those lengths on the WWE. Can you say pathetic? I could. But then I thought about it, and the ending that we seen on Smackdown.

The final two or so minutes of Smackdown was nothing but Christian in the ring looking shocked and walking away. It seemed like it was going on in an awkward manner not normally shown on TV. I do not believe that was the originally planned ending. If I were a betting man, I’d put my house on the ending originally being just Orton standing in the ring victorious. After Vince seen the outcry from fans, though, it had to lead him to a better storyline idea. Maybe Vince didn’t originally project how popular Christian was? It wouldn’t surprise me that he had in plans for Christian to go right back to that upper mid card next week. After seeing the outcry that you the WWE Universe had, though, you may have single typedly (yes, I’m making up words, deal with it) changed Christian’s future.

Now, stick with me, folks. I’m not some kind of idiot here typing. It’s not secret that Vince is no fan of Christian’s and has firmly believed that he is not main event worthy. So, it obviously wouldn’t seem to outlandish of him to stick the belt on Christian Dolph Ziggler style and fast track it to Randall.

Getting back to my original point of WWE TV being too predictable from here forth, I say that this may change. I think that the title would’ve been defended at Over the Limit in a Fatal Four-Way with Khali, Mark Henry, and Christian, with most of the focus being put on Khali’s impending heel turn, and Mark Henry’s already dominant heel turn. Christian in this situation would be the guy being put to the side only there to get pinned by Randall to preserve the momentum that Henry has, and that Khali may gain.

I mean who would enjoy Smackdown programming the next three months to consist of Randall getting his ass handed to him by Mark Henry and Khali only to make a late no-sell and win? That’s where WWE needs to stay away from. If Mark got one PPV shot in a few months, probably at Money in the Bank, then that would be fine. The only way that will work, though is if they go ahead with what I expect them to.

You see, Vince has found him quite the predicament here. They could potentially turn this into ratings gold, or they could let it smolder.

It’s no secret that Randy Orton’s character has become bland and too much of a Cena Jr. But, it’s also no secret that Vince has high faith in Randall as a face, and there is next to no chance of him turning heel, so we can just throw that one out the window.

That is why I’m telling you right here and now, that Christian is going to turn heel. He’s got all the history to back him up. There really is no way they could screw this one up.

If they wanted to, they could even cast him as a tweener and he’d get over that way too. But, at this point, I just can’t see that happening since Randall is the zero doubt favorite of the WWE Universe.

I’m not calling for Christian to win back the World Heavyweight Championship right away, but it is probably going to happen later this summer, no doubt about it. Where you ask? Well, you remember me mentioning that Mark Henry should get a shot at the belt at Money in the Bank just to cap off his heel turn?  Yeah, and do you remember me mentioning that Randall will get beat down hard in his matches with the likes of Henry and Khali, before making a triumphant last minute RKO to win? Yeah, that’s where Christian comes in. He wins the Ladder match and cashes it in Kane style.

What’s he going to do between now, and then, though is the true question. The first thought that crossed my mind was a feud with Cody Rhodes for a few months. That would be a horrible idea, though, given they both need huge wins this summer to stay on track. Next, I thought of the newly turned face Ezekiel. They have a history together, and Christian was the guy put in charge of working with Zeke’s in-ring work last year. So, why not put them together again in reversed roles? Zeke isn’t going to lose much credibility by losing to Christian. He’s a dominant guy either way.

Throw in a re-match at Over the Limit, and maybe a brief Daniel Bryan feud and you got yourself a guy set through the summer.

Now, what’s your guys thoughts on Christian. Do you think he will ever grasp a World title again? Will he turn heel, or stay face? What do you think he will do this summer? Is he destined for the mid-card for the rest of his career? Would a move to TNA be the best career move? Let me know, guys. You can do so via the comment section or e-mail. Until then,

It’s your favorite Spartan, Spartacus, signing out!

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