TDS [013] – Ask Sparty: Favorite Match, Most Underrated Superstar, and more!

Hey, what’s poppa lockin’? Today, I’ve decided to revisit those questions I asked my faithful reader’s to ask me a fully two weeks after. These are the only ones left that had any relevance still. As always, I’ll take any and all questions you would want me to answer via e-mail. I won’t answer any you put in the comments section, so beware! How about we get this shindig on the road? Shall we? No? Okay…



What is your favorite match of all time? – Trista Arno
Oh my, my favorite match is one from a few ages ago. Like most other peoples favorite matches it involves my favorite wrestle. Maybe unlike other people, this particular match is where my fandom started for my favorite wrestler. As you all know Christian is my favorite wrestler. Back sometime during 2003 Christian was involved in a feud over the Intercontinental Championship that Rob Van Dam had. I believe that Chris Jericho was also in matches prior to. Anyways, it was the main event of that episode of Monday Night Raw. What don’t believe that a mid-card title would be showcased in the main event? Well, how about this, about two months after this episode, Monday Night Raw closed with the main event of Lita vs Trish Stratus for the Woman’s Championship. It was truly a time where everything wrestling was just awesome. To me at least. The match was clocked in at around 17 minutes, and the last five or so was just magical with “close captures” being the theme. Here’s a link to the match on DailyMotion:

Most underrated wrestler of all time? – Olly
I think we all know the answer to this one. Christian… Nah, I’m just playin’! He’s underrated as a main eventer, but I think it’s safe to say we all know just how good he is in the ring, which is what wrestler indicates. I would say that John Cena is one of the most underrated performers of our age. He’s constantly being ragged on for having the five moves of doom. BTW, here’s a little fun fact: The Rock was the first guy to get ragged on for having five moves of doom on the IWC. Yes, the same guy that everybody and their grandpa loves. I, personally, think that whole labeling is stupid. If you look at everybody closely in the WWE you’ll notice that each of them have five moves of doom. It’s just the WWE style. Keep it simple and keep it impactful.

“How long do you plan on doing dailies? – From Julian B.
I don’t know. I’ve found myself asking why I even started writing dailies again when I keep running out of time and basically losing sleep just to get a column up and posted. I’ve always burned myself out with dailies. The first time I did them, I made it to 14 days. The second time, I made it to 15 days. The third time I made it all the way to 7 days. That last time I was really planning on writing them for a good eight months, because my WWE fandom was higher than ever and I was just about to start the school year, thus I wasn’t working 50 hours a week in excavating. I eventually grew tired of writing, and my NFL fandom kicked in and I just completely left the IWC. This time, though, I sincerely plan on getting to 100 days, at the very least. I would love to make this a fixture and do it every day of the week, but who knows. If I can make it through the summer and get to college with the streak intact then I believe I’ll make it an entire year. I guess, the only thing that could de-rail me now is if you, the fans, grow tired of me and stop reading. But you already knew that 😉

Writer’s Note: I just got my issue of WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 for my PSP, and I’ve been playing it like crazy on this boring Tuesday. Anyways, while playing it, I came up with a bit of an idea for a column series. Now, I’m doing dailies, so I’m being put to the test on things to right about every single day. So, what I was considering on doing was a bit of a Fantasy Booking type column. Here’s the scene. I’ll start off at some point of booking in the last year, and just take it over my way. All the results will be done via simulation and I’ll write the storylines and match-up the feuds. I would do a once-a-week write-up basically being a week in review type kayfabe column. I was thinking of starting it off on Over the Limit from last year, right around the time that Nexus started. But, I’m still undecided. I’d also have weekly polls, and let you, the readers, interact and make a lot of decisions in it. Let me know what you guys think of this potential column.

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