Team Gets a TNA Tryout, Former WWE Stars Visit iMPACT and More

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– Former WWE Diva Stacy Carter and wrestler Kizarny were backstage at last week’s TNA iMPACT tapings visiting friends.

– The documentary style footage seen in TNA lately is being filmed by Jason Hervey of Wonder Years fame and business partner to Eric Bischoff.

– Jeremy Buck of TNA’s Generation Me suffered a concussion at an independent show this past weekend but saw a doctor and will be fine.

– A tag team from Team 3D’s wrestling school named Los Ben Dejos made their TNA debut in a tryout match at last week’s iMPACT tapings, losing to Generation Me. They were managed by former WWE star and TNA agent Simon Diamond. Diamond was introduced as El Grando Wizard, a play off former WWE manager The Grand Wizard.

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