Tecia Torres Beach Photo Stuns UFC 265 Fans

Tecia Torres really lit up Instagram recently with a simple photo of herself at a beach in what seems to be located in Florida. Many fans of hers took to the comment section to compliment her on her look and even asked if she caught anything while fishing as Torres made sure to bring a pole with her to see what she could catch…Conor McGregor ‘Mental Breakdown’ During UFC 265 Leaks.



Tecia Torres looks great in her newest photo featuring her on a beach with her back turned away from the camera. While Torres’ face can’t be seen, we all know and love how she looks. At her recent face to face with Angela Hill, Tecia was looking leaner and meaner than ever as she was gearing up for her then upcoming match with Hill.

The fight served as a rematch of a 2015 meeting at UFC 188 that Torres won by unanimous decision. The two went on to become mainstays of the 115-pound division, with Torres earning a 6-5 record opposite Hill’s active 11-8 ledger. Recently, the two had their chance to settle the score between each other and possibly put an end to the feud.

In the early stages of the fight it looked like Hill had the advantage, but the tide changed pretty quickly as Torres had Hill by a landslide on speed. Hill was able to land a solid clinch and then throw some good knees at Torres, but Torres easily shook it off and regained any ground that was lost. By round three both competitors were going blow for blow and loving every second of it, but Hill was still behind on points.

As the fight came to the final seconds, Torres speed and strikes were just too much for Hill to take as we see Tecia Torres yet again take a match over on Angela Hill. Torres wins by unanimous decision.

Dustin Schumacher
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