Ted Cruz Reveals Biden’s Replacement?

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas recently made a bold prediction on social media, suggesting that former First Lady Michelle Obama would replace President Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee. Cruz took to X to express his belief, stating, “Michelle Obama WILL Replace Joe Biden on the Ballot.” In a follow-up post, he further elaborated, “Dems are going to dump Biden. Get ready for Michelle Obama as their nominee.”



Cruz’s prediction comes in the wake of President Biden’s widely criticized performance in a recent presidential debate, which received extensive scrutiny from political analysts and media outlets alike. Reports have surfaced suggesting that some Democratic strategists are discussing the possibility of replacing Biden on the ticket due to concerns over issues such as his “hoarse and halting voice,” unclear communication, and struggles to articulate his thoughts effectively.

NDTV reported on Cruz’s prediction, noting his assertion that Biden could be replaced at the Democratic National Convention in August, just months before the election. According to Cruz, Michelle Obama is seen by some as a potential replacement candidate should Biden step aside or be replaced.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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