Ted Dibiase Hints at Future Feud with Randy Orton

– In an interview with UK Newspaper The Sun, Ted Dibiase of ‘The Legacy’ has said he would like to headline a future Wrestlemania against his current leader and mentor Randy Orton. “Headlining a WrestleMania with Randy Orton would not a bad deal. Whether we love or hate each other, are with each other or against each other, that would be a dream come true,” said Dibiase.



Speaking on the match he had with Randy Orton several months ago on RAW, he said, “When Randy and I had the match, that was a really good reaction. I think people wanted to see Randy get his butt whipped,”

Dibiase said he “couldn’t predict the future” on whether it will materialize. Dibiase has a movie release at the end of December and it WWE may turn him babyface to coincide with that, considering the role he plays.

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