Ted Dibiase Says Eminem’s Music Angers Him, What Do Other Wrestlers Listen To?

– In an interview with MTV.com, Legacy member Ted Dibiase Jr. said Eminem’s music makes him angry. “I’m a fan of all music,” DiBiase said. “I’m not just saying that. I like the pop music that comes out. I live in Mississippi, so I do like the country music. I’m a big fan of the Kings of Leon. I really dig their music. I work out to Eminem and stuff. He gets me going in the gym. He’s got some good lyrics, and he gets me a little pissed off. That’s what I need to push some weights sometime.”



Dibiase also revealed what his fellow wrestlers listen to. “It depends on if Big Show has his iPod dock or Chris Jericho [has his dock],” he said. “If it’s Chris Jericho, then it’ll be Ozzy [Osborne]. It’s all rock and roll. Then Big Show, he’s got some old country, Hank Williams Jr. It varies.”

Read the full interview here.

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