Ted DiBiase Speaks on His Toughest Opponent, HBK Talks His Schedule

– Shawn Michaels spoke with MySanAntonio.com to promote Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view and had the following to say about his schedule:



“I actually don’t have to take on the schedule that the other guys have to take on. I wrestle more on a part-time basis. I take four months off in the summer and just spend time with the family. It’s a tough line of work. Those injuries hang around longer and those injuries are tougher to deal with. When I stop, my body will have an opportunity to heal and rest. That comes along with the territory.”

– Ted DiBiase Jr. also spoke to MySanAntonio.com to promote TLC. Here’s what he had to say about his toughest opponent:

“I’d probably have to say Shawn Michaels. Even though he’s a little bit older now, you can’t underestimate him. He’s still Mr. Wrestlemania, he’s still ‘The Showstopper.’ Something happens when that bell rings. He’s a feisty little man. Not little. He’s feisty. I put his head through a chair, and he needed stitches, and it didn’t even faze him. There’s no practicing (taking chair shots). You just tough it out. You just hope the adrenaline’s flowing so much that you don’t even feel it — until the next day.”

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