Ted Nugent ‘Praying’ For Donald Trump Before…

During the March 15th airing of “The Spirit Campfire With Ted Nugent,” the renowned conservative rocker, along with his wife Shemane, offered a prayer seeking strength for the nation’s challenges. Nugent, known for his bold persona, expressed remorse for societal issues in a clip available on AmericasVoice.news.



In the prayer, Nugent acknowledged societal disconnect and irresponsibility, condemning actions like allowing individuals to enter opposite-sex facilities and endorsing what he termed as evil. He lamented governmental shortcomings, alleging support for criminal activities like rape and child trafficking. Pledging a change, he invoked divine assistance to elect Donald Trump for national rejuvenation and restoration of morality.

Nugent’s political inclinations have been evident, notably receiving the “Great American Defender Of Freedom” award from Trump in December 2022. His admiration for the former president was vocalized in an October 2020 interview with Alex Jones, where Nugent praised Trump’s leadership and perceived spiritual connection.

Attributing Trump’s appeal to his straightforwardness and prioritization of American interests, Nugent underscored the president’s efforts to confront perceived threats, particularly from political adversaries. He warned against ideological shifts towards socialism and advocated for Trump’s protective stance on American values.

“God, we apologize. We apologize for being so spoiled, so disconnected, so irresponsible to support the evil that we have allowed where men can enter women’s bathrooms and locker rooms and destroy women’s athletic records. And there is a segment of humanity that actually stands for that evil.

“We are sorry that we have allowed our government to become so evil that they are importing people to rape, carjack, murder and traffic children for demonic sex. We are so apologetic, but we promise you, God, we are not gonna take it anymore and we are going to rise up and fulfill our ‘we the people’ responsibility to monitor the conduct and constitutional oath adherence and respect and reverence by those that we have heretofore mistakenly put into that kind of power.

“In the name of your son Jesus Christ, we beg for your strength and your power to rise up from this apathetic embarrassment and elect Donald Trump to make America safe, secure, prosperous, great and healthy and moral again.

“So that’s my prayer today.”

Despite his musical achievements, including multiple platinum albums and recognition as Detroit’s premier guitarist, Nugent’s political engagements increasingly overshadow his musical legacy. His latest album, “Detroit Muscle,” released in April 2022, marked another chapter in his enduring musical career, although recent changes in his touring band and a farewell tour have drawn attention as well.

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