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Teenager who attempted to RKO his principal has been arrested for hitting RKO on fake alligator at mall

Last week, 18-year-old Gianny Sosa-Hernandez of Miami was in the news for trying to hit his principal at Southridge Senior High with Randy Orton’s finisher, the RKO. He was in court due to this and was released without bond.

However, this time around he managed to get himself into deeper trouble and isn’t going to get out so easily. He received a charge of criminal mischief. Likely encouraged by all the attention he garnered due to his antics with his principal, Sosa-Hernandez took to social media, where he uploaded a video of himself wrestling with a fake alligator at a mall in Florida.

The alligator that he used is said to be worth $3,690, and was damaged after Sosa-Hernandez hit multiple elbow drops and even the RKO on it. According to WPLG Local 10, Sosa-Hernandez being held on $5,000 bond at Miami-Dade County’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

We will keep you updated regarding the teenager’s court status once we learn more.

  • SJ

    And you are a massive keyboard warrior who gets in a hissy fit every time somebody disagrees with you on the comments.

    As soon as you started flinging around ‘moron’ name calling, you lost your argument.

    Jog on.

  • CC

    Mate, you are a moron. Big I am .. please do one.
    You are a weak willed moron who thinks someone joking about and barely laying a finger on someone is worthy of police action and criminal damage is not.
    Go back to your cotton wool encrusted world where someone insulting you is probably a criminal offence as well.

    By your logic if someone touches your arm it is more serious than them setting fire to your house. And you think my brain is disconnected. I pity you and the world we live in where a joking touch is criminal.

  • SJ

    I know you like to be the big I am on the comments section and the gospel is according to CC but yes, you are bizarre. There’s an obvious disconnect between your brain and logic if you can label damaging a plastic crocodile as more serious than a student putting hands on a teacher whether it be joking or not.

    I’ll leave you to it though- you head back to being the chief of the WE comments section.

  • CC

    You think touching someone in a joking manner is worse than causing criminal damage, and you think I am the one who is bizarre?
    This world really has turned into a world of deeply offended people. No wonder it is turning to crap.

  • SJ

    Looked into the facts thank you very much. Barely touching somebody is still touching somebody. The reaction of the principal may well have been excessive but that is an irrelevance in regards to the conduct of the student.

    Like I said, bizarre!

  • CC

    Don’t be so ridiculous. Have you seen the video?
    He barely touched the principal and the principal was the one that actually got physical, putting him in a headlock and punching him.
    Now though he has gone out and essentially vandalised someone elses property.

    Look into the facts before you make ridiculous statements.

  • SJ

    So putting his hands on a fake animal is worse than putting his hands on an adult in a position of responsibility?! Bizarre viewpoint!

  • CC

    The initial story with him and the principal was ridiculous as the teacher overreacted and actually physically assaulted the student “in defense”.
    But of course that kid is an idiot and goes out and does something stupid like this and now nobody will sympathise with him anymore.

    He should never have been arrested for the first incident, but this he deserves what he gets.