Tensai Translates The Japanese Characters On His Face, Sunny Offering Support

– Speaking to WWE Magazine, Tensai admits to being disillusioned when he restarted his pro graps career in Japan in 2005 after being released from his WWE contract the previous year.



“Truthfully, when I came to Japan from WWE for the first time, I wasn’t enjoying what I had always dreamt that I’d be doing. I thought I was doing the right thing with WWE the first time around, but I wasn’t,” Tensai said. “I was really down on the whole thing, and then I got an offer in Japan. It was always on my bucket list. So first I toured there and had my first match with Kensuke, who was a really well-respected individual in Japan. It was just awesome. It reminded me that I love what I do. I want to be one of the best big guys to come out of Japan. I know I finally have the respect of the people that I’ve worked with, and that’s what matters.”

Tensai also translates the Japanese characters that appear on his face: “They state a variety of things, such as, “Destruction Is Coming” and “Beware Of Tensai,” as well as “Be Afraid, Very Afraid.” But if you’re close enough to read them, it’s probably too late.”

– As reported over the weekend, WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch will check out of her WWE-sponsored rehabilitation program on Thursday. She then plans to offer support toward individuals battling demons with a support group page on Facebook.

She wrote on her account, “On thursday when I get out of Rehab, I will be starting a new fb group page : SUNNY’S SUPPORT GROUP! Ive gotten so much help and support from Silver Hill Rehab and people, it’s my turn to help others in recovery or on the road to recovery….everyone is welcome!”

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