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Terri Runnels reveals former Divas were not happy with Raw 25 segment

The Raw 25th anniversary show received a mixed reaction online. While some of its segments were praised by fans there were others which felt out of place.

One such segment which didn’t sit well with the audience was when WWE brought up a number of Legendary Female Wrestlers from the past to just stand on the stage and wave to the crowd:

On a recent episode of Cigars, Scars, and Superstars with Terri Runnels podcast, Terri Runnels who was part of the segment talked about it and revealed that the involving stars were not happy with it either.

According to her she wanted a brief moment with some sincerity and revealed everybody was unhappy upon learning about the waving segment:

“I wanted a brief moment, some sincerity, and I didn’t like that it went straight to this cartoon crap. I felt like, `You’ve got a lot of talent and we are just standing there waving. We all kind of dropped our jaws and were like, `You’ve got to be kidding me. I didn’t hear anyone express anything different than what I just said to you.”

Which other segments of the Raw 25 you think could have been better? Let us know your thoughts on the show in the comment section.

  • Soulshroude

    You see? After all the hype of a “woman’s movement”, their still treated like garbage. The irony is underwhelming. I’m really sick of this “new age”, “gotta be politically correct” culture being forced down my throat. I’m seriously in a culture shock moment at this point.

  • CC

    No way was AJ gonna return considering the whole Punk vs Aman legal case etc
    And Kim, maybe there is still bad blood there too.

  • oppa

    They could have fixed the whole show. And women like Gail Kim and AJ Lee should have been honored since what you are seeing in women’s wrestling is what they wanted it to be all a long. I’m just glad they didn’t have Sunny up there.

  • Allen Michael Bentley

    The entire 25th Anniversary show was COMPLETE CRAP.

  • CC

    Somehow I do not think most of the women felt that way. Two of them were pregnant, and most of the rest of them knew they were going to do the womens rumble, so I doubt those women cared.

  • Arnold Jackson

    20% of them were pregnant, what did they want to do? Have a hardcore match? Enjoy the pay day because even in their prime only 3 or 4 of them really knew any wrestling holds.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    It was supposed to be a “feel good” show, but I think they tried to pack too much into it, which is why we were left with basically just looking at divas and some talking segments. Basically just cheap pops.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    The entire show sucked. Probably one of the worst episodes of raw in a long time atleast it seemed like it since they hyped it up so much. If they didn’t hype it up so much it might not been as bad.