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Update: The Hardys will not re-sign with TNA

Update #1: PWInsider is reporting that The Hardys will not re-sign with TNA. The Hardys and TNA reportedly agreed to new deals back in December, however, the deals were delivered late likely due to management changes within TNA. The Hardys did not want to leave TNA due to the travel schedule and having creative control, but were not happy with the language in the new deal and the fact that the contracts were delivered late.

The report also suggests a rumor going around that talents are allowed to take outside bookings, however, TNA would take 10% of their earnings. Matt Hardy’s ‘Broken’ character was also in jeopardy of being changed by the new creative and management teams. Matt was once considered to be given a spot on the creative team but Jeff Jarret was brought back instead and implemented his own booking team with Dutch Mantel and Scott D’Amore.

The Hardys currently reign as the TNA Tag Team champs and have been working a storyline in which they go to other indie promotions and win their Tag Titles. Matt and Jeff have been offered to work the upcoming TV tapings this Thursday through Sunday in order to drop their titles, but no deal has been made yet.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more….

Original post: According to a report from F4WOnline, The Hardys’ TNA contracts are set to expire this week and they will become free agents on Wednesday. On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE is “certainly in the ballgame, if not likely” so sign the Hardy brothers.

The Hardys have informed indie promoters that they will not be taking any bookings after May as they may not be able to fulfill those commitments. They have, however, noted that those plans could change soon.

Meltzer also stated that the current changes in TNA such as Jeff Jarret’s return to the company along with some more backstage issues make it more likely that they will depart. It is not a done deal quite yet, however, as negotiations between TNA and The Hardys are still ongoing.

The Hardys’ online store will also be closing down after five years of operation, after Reby Hardy stated that she can no longer run it along with being a mother expecting another child:

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more….

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  • Arnold Jackson

    Any physical manifestation of Sister Abigail is an awful idea. Baron Corbin is due for the IC belt at Mania so that’s unlikely. Plus it would be a complete 180% gimmick change for him to go from the Lone Wolf character to a mindless cult follower. There really isn’t anyone to fit the mold on any of the rosters.

  • MrDr3w

    Baron Corbin was rumored to join a while ago. I can still see that happening. Maybe the Smackdown after WM. But I agree wholeheartedly, Rowan is useless and will most likely be released. Maybe they can call up SAnitY at some point with Nikki Cross being the reincarnation of Sister Abigail.

  • Arnold Jackson

    If you are a star like Jeff, the record starts over. If you are a lesser wrestler, I’m not sure.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Not sure there will be a Wyatt’s come SS. Harper finally getting what looks like it will be a face singles run, Braun on RAW and Orton breaking off by Mania. We all can figure Rowan will be a post Mania roster cut as he hasnt done anything since leaving OVW/NXT

  • Arnold Jackson

    It would be a huge mistake to sign with WWE. They would waterdown and kill the Broken Hardy gimmick if they even let them do it at all. Knowing Vince he would bring them brack as the Brood v2, just to prove he was in control. Ego often trumps money with Vince when it comes to gimmick/creative control.

  • Nicholas2778

    Let see HHH needs an opponent for Wrestlemania. Well Jeff Hardy vs HHH at Wrestlemania would be a perfect match for WM.

  • CC

    Surely his strike record would start from scratch as this would be a new contract, and years have passed since the last one.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That match has to be announced just like that!!!!

  • MrDr3w

    Broken Hardys v. New Day v. Wyatts interpromotional triangle ladder match at Summerslam to determine who is the greatest tag team in all of space and time!!!!!! Book it Vince!

  • Will Henderson

    right now, the Hardy’s are a hot commodity in pro wrestling. but i see the Hardys either leaving TNA and joining either ROH full time, New Japan full time (if they are willing to bury the hatchet with Jeff for wrestling while under the influence of drugs against Naito at Wrestle Kingdom in 2011), and WWE (they would likely to send Jeff to rehab to maintain his sobriety and get a strike removed from his wellness policy 3 strikes record) or they reach a new deal with TNA.