The John Cena and Bruno Connection, SummerSlam T-Shirt, Flair, More

– Ric Flair was at this past Saturday’s Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling show in Anderson, South Carolina at McCants Middle School. Flair signed autographs for fans and he also addressed the live audience before the show.



– WWE’s shop website has a new SummerSlam graffiti t-shirt up for sale.

– Tiny sent the following: There were more twins in WWE besides Gymini and the Bellas including Eli and Jacob Blu who ended up as part of DOA, and even the Hebner twins.

– has an article up today with 10 things we never knew about the star of Borat and Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen. Apparently he’s a good friend of John Cena. Here’s what they wrote:

7. It may sound like an unlikely friendship, but Cohen is apparently best buddies with WWE wrestler John Cena. Online reports have claimed that the Brüno star is a big fan of the sports entertainment format. Maybe we’ll see Borat and co at the next Wrestlemania or Royal Rumble.

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