The Latest on Future Plans for Hulk Hogan’s Hulkamania Tour, Bischoff




– Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan revisited the diea of doing an overseas tour about eight months ago and aftter considering shows in Europe and South Africa, they had talks with Reno Anoa’i, the brother of Rikishi. Reno promoted the Nu Wrestling Evolution promotion overseas and is working with Hogan’s Hulkamania tour. He hooked Hogan and Bischoff up with promoters Patrick and Michael Condon who struck a deal to hold the tour in Australia. The promoters have connections in China and there is talk of expanding the tour or running a show in Macau, China but nothing is official yet.

According to Bischoff, there are no plans right now to do a North American pay-per-view as he feels it would be a tough sell no matter how good the tour is without weekly TV in North America to promote it. There are talks of releasing some DVD’s though but nothing is official on that yet either.

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