The Latest on HBK’s Return Coming Out of RAW, WWE Steals an Idea from ESPN?

– The buzz at RAW last night in Washington, DC was that Shawn Michaels will make his return to the ring at SummerSlam and as speculated before, may be on RAW next week. More new promotional material for the pay-per-view just released is still featuring Shawn, for what it’s worth.



– ESPN talked about WWE ripping off their Scrabble promo with Shaquille O’Neal on RAW last night. Here are two separate reports:

Charlie sent the following: I was just watching SportsCenter and they highlighted Shaq’s appearance on Raw. One of the anchors asked where was Kamala the Ugandan Giant, as a joke. They then took WWE to task for blatantly stealing the bit from the Santino-Shaq Scrabble game where Santino asked, “Where did you get all the ‘Q’s'” from the ESPN commercial calling it, “Just plain lazy.”

David sent the following: I just saw ESPN’s coverage of Shaq on RAW. They got in the fake jabs, mocked the WWE writers for stealing the ESPN commercial (the Scrabble bit) that they did with Shaq verbatim.

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