The Latest on the Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle Situation, TNA Creative and More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– The latest news on the Jeff Jarrett front is that the stuff between him and Karen Angle was known to some in TNA but for the most part, when it came out on the radio it was a shock to most. Karen Angle is not living in Hendersonville, TN with Jarrett but she is spending a lot of time there. Still, nobody has any idea who it was that called Bubba the Love Sponge’s show.

Nobody has a clue yet if Jarrett will be back for the next pay-per-view and set of TV tapings.

The TNA TV tapings this month were referred to as “Unfiltered Vince Russo” by those in the company with Jeff Jarrett away. One source says the consensus is that the product is suffering more when Jarrett isn’t there. Even Kurt Angle has talked about taking over booking, those involved say that would be impossible. At best, it’s said that Angle could be a guy who made suggestions to Vince Russo and Russo would listen. A lot of the talents had more input at the TV tapings this past week but it was said that this didn’t appear to be better for the product.

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