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The Miz: “Everyone Made My Life a Living Hell”, Story On Sheamus and Bono

– There is a story on current WWE Star and King of the Ring Sheamus being a former bodyguard for music superstar and U2 lead singer Bono at this link:

– WWE Champion The Miz was recently interviewed by the Detroit News focusing on his rise to the top. Miz also discusses his introduction into World Wrestling Entertainment, saying…

“As soon as I got to WWE, everyone assumed I got a contract because I was on ‘The Real World,’ so everyone made my life a living hell,” he says. “I didn’t really have any friends. I got kicked out of the locker room. It felt like everyone was trying to find a way to get me fired.”

The full interview is available here.

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  • bragar

    Miz is a fking hero

  • mj

    this guy deserves everything he gets, he really is awesome

  • CM Mark

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    I’ll quit hating when he quits whining…lol.

  • cena approved

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  • Raziel

    They didn’t want The Rockers on the WWF because of their attitudes, not because of tv fame or lack of experience.

  • Kim

    That is why I like the Miz. You can tell he is genuinley happy to be the champion. He worked really hard to get to the top at what he wanted to do.

  • CM Mark

    Well he’s the Miz and he’s awesome. It doesn’t really matter what I think about this guy anyway. He’s had a few decent matches, I don’t hate the guy. I just don’t care that he got picked on, boo hoo. Life sucks get over it.

  • Satan

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  • Paton

    good on Miz, I was a huge critic of his but he has proved everyone wrong and made a brilliant career for himself

  • goonderblonggee dang

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  • CiB

    @CM Mark

    God, you’re not very good at the whole criticising people where it’s justfified are you?

    The point is that the Miz didn’t whine, he acknowledged it was happening, toughed it out and proved he deserved to be there. All he’s doing now is talking about how things were, and stating they weren’t great. The fact that he toughed it out and got on with it makes him a deserving champion.

  • Jon-Jon

    Miz is kinda like Shawn Michaels. Noone wnated Shawn and Jannetty in the company, and they actually got fired at one point for something they didn’t even do. Then he came back, fought in the tag ranks, fought in the lower card ranks, fought in the mid-card ranks, became an upper mid-carder, then eventually won the World Title and became one of the biggest stars in the company. Shawn wasn’t supposed to be the champion of the tag team. It was Marty. Just as Morrison was supposed to be the star from that team, but Miz worked his off to becomo a champion and prove us all wrong.

  • damkat

    He stuck around because he is The Miz and he is AAAAAAAWESOME!

  • CM Mark

    Really Miz? Really? I am so proud of our whiny little champ.

  • Rucdogg

    The fact that The Miz went through all that and still stuck it out to become champ makes me respect him a whole lot more, they guy stuck it out through all the bs cuz it was his dream to become champ, now look at him. guess I should get my $hit together in life,lol. good job Miz