The Miz ‘Gets Heated’ With Stephanie McMahon

Current WWE Champion, The Miz recently appeared on Oral Sessions hosted by Renee Paquete, the former Renee Young, this past week to discuss many topics. Here, WWE’s resident A lister discussed the making of the popular web series with his tag team partner and former ECW Champion John Morrison called ‘The Dirt Sheet’ which took place during their first run as a team during 2007. This Miz rumored ‘burial’ in WWE title match leaked recently.



Miz went into detail on how he went to Stephanie McMahon, who is now WWE’s Chief Brand Officer to get ‘The Dirt Sheet’ into production. Credit to Fightful for the transcription.

“If you’re not on television, WWE has many avenues where you can showcase your talents. Back in 2007, John Morrison and I were having great matches but nobody knew who we were as a tag team. I went to Stephanie McMahon and cut a promo on her, and said, ‘John and I want to do The Dirt Sheet.’ She said, ‘What’s The Dirt Sheet?’ ‘It’s a show that’s a cross between The Soup, Saturday Night Live, a lot of skits and variety. We’re going to pick on everybody.’ Then I get really heated and gave her a promo and was like, ‘We’re the greatest tag team of the 21st century, be jealous!’ ‘Be jealous, I like that.’ The next day, I got a call from creative who were like, ‘What’s this thing you want to do? Stephanie wants you to do it.’ We started writing, editing, every single week. It’s before YouTube was a thing. We created it and it allowed us to show who we were. When opportunities don’t present themselves, make opportunities for yourself” Edge was set to face off with The Miz in a surprise match.

In other news regarding ‘The Miz’ the WWE champion now has a new shirt out! One that claps black at all of his haters and doubters everywhere, the shirt showcases the Miz holding up the WWE Championship with the caption ‘Hated Daily and Loving It.’ You can view the shirt below courtesy of the official Twitter account of

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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