The Miz on His RAW Return, Batista Picks Up a Tekken Movie Role?, Diva News

– WWE developmental Diva Serena Deeb, who appeared on ECW a few months back in a backstage shot, is now using the name Serena Mancini.



– Joe sent the following: IMDB page for Tekken was updated with Batista in the role of King. King is the name of two different characters in the Tekken fighting game series. The character was inspired by both legendary Japanese pro wrestler Tiger Mask, as well as Mexican wrestler Fray Tormenta, who just happened to be a Catholic priest who became a masked wrestler in order to support an orphanage. Both Characters wear a realistic Jaguar Mask into the ring.

– The Miz posted the following on his Twitter page last night after returning to RAW: “ahhh its so nice to have my contract back did u really think piven n the naked guy from hangover could keep me banned”

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