The Miz Opponent Fired By WWE After Match

During a recent interview with Talk Is Jericho, former WWE superstar Nick ‘Eugene’ Densmore told the AEW star that he was once fired from WWE because of weight issues. He documented the situation in conversation with Chris Jericho and revealed that he was fired from his second run with WWE after a match with The Miz. This former WWE Champion got hurt after a fight with Miz



Densmore told Jericho: “I came back and apparently they’d seen me two months earlier. I must’ve gotten heat. Either I’d got so much into bad shape or the mind was turned. But they were like, ‘We’re not selling fat, old Eugene, you’re fired.’”

In other news regarding The Miz, the former WWE Champion recently blasted acclaimed international recording artist Bad Bunny in a new interview with TMZ. Miz has had his issues with Bad Bunny as of late and a WrestleMania match with the Miz and Bad Bunny was recently revealed.

Miz gave the popular gossip outlet the following quote. “Look, he makes a lot of money being a musician. So, go do that. Keep on making that money because the fact is, if you come into the WWE ring, I’m gonna break your jaw and when I break your jaw, you’re gonna need a lot of money,”

Credit to Ringside News for part of this transcription.

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Michael Joseph
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