Former Champion returning to Raw next week

As we noted before the Miz dropped the Intercontinental Championship to Roman Reigns last month so he could take time off for the filming of Marine 6 along with WWE Legend Shawn Michaels and Becky Lynch.



Now it appears that the former Champion is all set to make his return to WWE Programming as soon as next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw as he is now being advertised for the show.

It’s also worth mentioning that Michaels had noted earlier this month that there would be three weeks of filming which will put Miz’s return to next week.

No word yet on what the Officials have in store for the former WWE Champion when he returns to the company, but he is yet to receive his rematch for the IC title.

So it’s possible that he will continue his feud with the Big Dog and will face Reigns for the Championship sometimes in near future.

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