The Miz Speaks on Possibly Going to ECW, His Twitter War with Jericho and More

– In an interview with (which was conducted during an NBC Universal party in Los Angeles this past week), The Miz said he hasn’t been told hasn’t been told what’s next for his character after being banned from the RAW brand on Monday’s show as a result of losing to John Cena.



“Who knows what’s going to happen? I don’t even know! They don’t even tell me,” he told “I literally went, ‘Banned from Raw? And Summerslam? And the Staples Center!?’ I can’t even go see a Lakers game right now.”

He said he could wind up on ECW because SyFy is part of the NBC Universal family. He also added he’s not banned from RAW live events, just television.

“We still have Syfy’s ECW! And we have live events,” Miz said. “They never kicked me off Raw live events, so I can still do those as well.”

He also discussed his war on Twitter with Chris Jericho, saying it started during the beginning of WWE’s tour overseas last month.

“We’ve both been trying to top each other for the past month. Then he was the number one trending topic on Twitter! So it was like, “Wow!” It’s just fun. It’s all good fun and I laugh about it,” he said.

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