The Miz Suddenly Removed From WWE Raw

Raj Giri recently took to Twitter and revealed that The Miz missing out on RAW this week didn’t have to do with the travel issues that plagued half the roster.



Miz not being at the show didn’t have to do with the travel issues

WWE fans have always been known for their passionate chants and their ability to take over shows with their voices. While some performers embrace the phenomenon, others find it frustrating when fans hijack shows with their chants.

Road Dogg, the WWE SVP of Live Events, recently addressed the topic on his Oh You Didn’t Know Podcast. He stated that he personally gets irritated when fans take over the show in ways that can be disruptive. However, Vince McMahon, the chairman and CEO of WWE, tends to have a different perspective.

According to Road Dogg, McMahon doesn’t get angry about fans taking over the show because he sees things from a “higher elevation.” McMahon understands that as long as the fans are enjoying themselves and are engaged with the show, they’re getting their money’s worth.

While some performers, such as Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, have voiced their frustration with fan chants, others have embraced them. Chris Jericho and CM Punk, for example, have used fan chants to their advantage in their matches and promos.

Fan chants have become a staple of WWE shows, with popular chants such as “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and “What?!” becoming synonymous with WWE programming. While some fans enjoy chanting and being a part of the show, others feel that it can be disruptive and take away from the in-ring action.

It’s clear that fan chants are here to stay in WWE, and it’s up to performers and officials to decide how they want to react to them. While some may find them frustrating, others see them as a way to connect with the audience and create memorable moments in the ring.

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