The Miz talks about his arrogance, Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan

The Miz sat down with the Gorilla Position while the WWE was in the UK for their recent tour, and had a chance to talk about some interesting topics. The former IC champion talked about fatherhood, Roman Reigns, and his longtime rival, Daniel Bryan.



Below are a few highlights of the interview.

What would you do if you were writing for Roman Reigns?

He just needs to be Roman Reigns. I would allow Roman to keep being Roman. He’s selling the most merch out of anybody.

And people say ‘Oh he shouldn’t be here, he shouldn’t be doing this.’ Nobody knows. Nobody has a scientific formula to being the most ‘over’ superstar in the WWE. But one thing is certain. Roman gets a reaction every time he goes out.

The hardcore fans say ‘Oh they’re shoving him down our throats. How dare they do that,’ blah blah blah. Roman Reigns creates a reaction. Whether he feels he needs to be a bad guy or a good guy, right now it doesn’t matter.

Nobody likes the good ol’ fashioned Superman. Nobody wants that anymore, and I think Roman Reigns is doing a good job at giving you that.

The main event of Backlash:

I was upset that the championship wasn’t a part of the main event. When I look at championships and the Universal Championship isn’t there…that or the WWE Championship should always be in the main event.

On Daniel Bryan and the Talking Smack promo:

Daniel Bryan looks like he doesn’t want attention…but he does. He acts like he doesn’t want the notoriety, but he does.

Daniel Bryan kind of pushes it off, but he really does. If he didn’t, he would’ve left WWE, but he didn’t. And people always bring up Talking Smack. What did I do on there that was so terrible?

Daniel Bryan came at me. It wasn’t that he called me a coward, it was that he said I had a soft style of wrestling…and everything just clicked. Once I started going at it, I said the truth. I said everything that people don’t say, and I owned it.

Daniel Bryan is always about fighting for his dreams, but on that day he wasn’t fighting for his dreams. He walked away. I was expecting to get hit, but he walked away. So then I had to turn to the camera and show focus where focus was due, and that’s the Intercontinental Championship.

Daniel Bryan not being on his level:

I don’t think he’s at the level that he was at 4 years ago. He’s not. And people keep asking for Daniel Bryan vs the Miz, the Miz and Daniel Bryan, but he’s not at the caliber that I’m at right now. Has he shown anything since he’s been back that proves that he’s a main event talent?

Has he had a match where you go ‘Wow, he’s back. He’s doing all the things that Daniel Bryan knows how to do.’ He had a great performance at the Greatest Royal Rumble, but that’s a Royal Rumble match. You can take someone’s finisher and not get thrown out and lay on the ground for an hour. Granted, did he lay there for an hour? No, but that’s not a singles match.

WWE isn’t like riding a bike. You have to train and get to a level, and he’s not at a level that I’m at right now. I think he needs to gain a lot more matches and make his way to me. He has to get to me I don’t have to get to him.

His pride and arrogance:

Is it so bad to be cocky and arrogant? Is it so bad to be confident in what you’re doing and displaying yourself at an elite level? There’s a reason that I present myself and walk and talk the way I do. I take pride in what I do. And people look at me and say ‘Well that’s mean.’ Is it? Is that mean? That I take pride in my work and what I do?

You can check out the rest of the interview in the video below, and make sure to check out Gorilla Position’s YouTube channel where they have tons of interviews with top WWE talent.

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