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The Miz wants to make the WWE Championship relevant

The Miz spent the better part of two years bringing the Intercontinental Championship back from the dead. While the title was defended in good matches here and there, it wasn’t seen as an important prize for wrestlers to hold. However, The Miz’s work with the title made it something worth coveting.

Now that the Miz has been separated from the Intercontinental Championship, he’s set his eyes on another goal, the WWE Championship. The Awesome One qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match on the latest episode of Smackdown Live, defeating United States Champion Jeff Hardy in a pretty great bout. With a shot at the briefcase, The Miz plans on elevating the WWE Championship like he did the IC belt.

In an interview with, The Miz let it be known that he wants the WWE Title to be back in the main event.

My goal is to make the WWE Championship as relevant and prestigious as it should be. Do I think AJ Styles is doing a terrific job as WWE Champion? Absolutely.

But that WWE Championship should be in the main event of every single WWE pay per view. It upsets me when I see that it’s not. My goal is to, not only win the Money in the Bank contract, cash it in and become WWE Champion. I want to put that title back where it belongs; the main event.

Is The Miz right? And could he be the one to bring the championship back to the main event?

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe sometimes this year The Miz will win the WWE title an will indeed make in relevant again. Now AJ Styles is an amazing champion. But The Miz has done it all in the WWE and he an WWE champion will be great for Smackdown.

  • oppa

    As long as Brock doesn’t have it, it will be relevant.

  • Soulshroude

    The only thing that NEEDS to become relevant again is the Universal Championship. How ever null and void the title is, or was, or how ever it will be… no matter how “new” to the scene it “IS”. Needs an importance to it, and not be “mocked” by a part timer holding it for so long this is “ironic” and a contradiction. A part timer holding a belt for a “LONG PERIOD”? Think about it. The title has become irrelevant. Someone, I don’t care who… needs to make it a TITLE worth having and/or taking… HOLDING it high and taking pride in it… again and for the FIRST TIME. PERIOD.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I hope he does with MITB. The Miz is one of the very best inside and outside of the ring and on the mic. Miz should have been champion a few times by now

  • CC

    This is just storyline continuation as he even said that on Smackdown this week.
    His character thinks he is the main man, so of course he will continue on this course.

    The only reason the title is not the main event is due to booking, and that would not change if he had the title. We are in an age where things like the womens matches have a lot of focus on, so they get to main event. We also have feuds that become bigger than any title, so it is only natural that sometimes the WWE or Universal title takes the back seat.

    And then when you get to PPVs, its a whole other ballgame with two main titles, gimmick matches like ladders or cages, or big ticket matches like Taker streak matches in the past at WM or other matches of that standard.

    Sadly though, any title on SD will always play second fiddle to the mirror title on Raw.