The Miz WWE Title Match Pitched For Raw Tonight

The WWE championship is in a state of flux, and Wrestling Inc owner Raj Giri appears to agree with reports that Bobby Lashley will defeat The Miz for the title. He even pitched the idea that a title change could happen as soon as tonight.



“So does the Miz lose the title tonight to Bobby Lashley, or at Fastlane? You would think that with Fastlane being the first WWE PPV on Peacock, that it would have somewhat of a strong card. @WrestlingInc.”

A fan tweeted, “Somehow I see Lashley vs McIntyre vs Miz Triple Threat at WM.”

Raj responded, “I’m pretty sure the Miz will be part of the Bad Bunny match at ‘Mania.”

Another fan said, “I thought the same raj. Bad bunny will screw him out of the title and we get a tag match between the miz, Morrison vs Damien priest and bad bunny.”

Raj shot back, “I think it will be Miz & Morrison Vs Priest & Bad Bunny too, but I don’t think Bunny costs the Miz the title. I think it would make Lashley look weak that he needed an assist from Bad Bunny to beat the Miz.”

One more fan wrote, “Tonight. Cant see them building a heel vs heel title match. You do that on something like Raw tonight. But I can see Sheamus vs Drew number 1 contender match.”

Raj responded, “I see them sound Drew Vs Sheamus too, probably at Fastlane.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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