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The Next Five: WWE Champion

AJ Styles has been the longest reigning WWE Champion since CM Punk.  A few years ago we would have not even thought that it was possible for Styles to have WWE’s crown championship.  He was one of the best wrestlers in the world that had never been a part of WWE.  Despite his awesome debut in the Royal Rumble, nobody was ready to believe that Styles would be trusted as one of the faces of the company.  Here we are years later, and not only has Styles been a two time WWE Champion, he has been one of the longest reigning WWE Champions of all time.  Knowing the unpredictability that came with the past few WWE Champions (we are looking at you Jinder), we are going to do our best today to look into the future and find the next five WWE Champions.

1.  The Miz (Royal Rumble 2019)

The Miz and Daniel Bryan are fighting at WWE Super Showdown for the right to be the number one contender for the WWE Championship.  While it seems that Daniel Bryan will win that match because he has lost his last two meetings with the Miz, it will be the Miz that comes out on top.  Arguably nobody has improved more and been more consistent than the Miz since the brand split.  He was a star on Smackdown Live, he thrived on a Roman Reigns dominated Raw, and has become a solidified star on his current stint on Smackdown Live.  If there is anyone that has earned a WWE Championship reign, it is the Miz.  After Styles retains against Samoa Joe and the Miz beats Bryan at Super Showdown, we will get to enjoy an entertaining feud leading to a Royal Rumble championship match.  AJ Styles would fall to the Miz after an interfering Orton would lay Styles out with an RKO allowing Miz to steal the win.  The Miz would hold the WWE Championship for a few months until…

2.  Daniel Bryan (Wrestlemania 35)

Daniel Bryan finally gets his Royal Rumble victory after last eliminating Dean Ambrose, sealing his championship match at Wrestlemania against his arch rival, the Miz.  This seems very similar (although less violent) to Gargano vs Ciampa on NXT.  The feud does not need the WWE Championship; however, the talent in the feud raised their value so much that the championship became involved.  Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble will make fans happy, but him winning the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania again will be a true gift to the WWE Universe.  This is why the Miz is able to get three victories over Bryan in a row.  Bryan gets his win back at Wrestlemania.  Daniel Bryan will defend his championship valiantly until…

3.  John Cena (Summerslam 2019)

John Cena is arguably the best wrestler of all time.  He is a sixteen time champion, and it is to be believed that he will achieve his seventeenth reign before he retires.  There is no better way for this to happen from a storyline perspective then for him to beat Daniel Bryan at Summerslam.  This will be a rematch from Summerslam 2013 where Daniel Bryan captured his first WWE Championship against John Cena.  John Cena has not been living up to his name of “Big Match John” lately, so Daniel Bryan would return the favor that Cena gave him at Summerslam 2013.  John Cena was able to pick his opponent for that match and he gave Daniel Bryan his first shot.  Daniel Bryan would have the opportunity to pick his opponent and would choose John Cena.  This would be a blockbuster match that Cena would win and then get his last hoorah as WWE Champion until…

4.  Roman Reigns (Smackdown Live 10/19/19)

Smackdown Live makes the move to Fox on October 19th of next year and that will be the biggest Smackdown Live in recent memory.  The move to Fox and back to Friday nights will mean that some big time players will have to make the jump to the blue brand.  The biggest to make the jump will be none other than the Big Dog himself.  John Cena will have held the WWE Championship for a few months and will be told to defend his championship against Smackdown Live’s mystery signing.  Cena will come out not knowing who he is fighting against.  While waiting in the ring that all to familiar music of Roman Reigns will hit, blindsiding Cena and the WWE Universe.  After a thirty minute war and two spears, Reigns will retake his crown.  The Roman Empire will dominate Smackdown Live until…

5.  Finn Balor (TLC 2019)

After months of being overlooked, Finn Balor will win the Money in the Bank in 2019.  Not only will he be Mr. Money in the Bank, but he will have also jumped ship to Smackdown Live during the Superstar Shakeup after Wrestlemania 35.  He will continue fighting courageously for the WWE Universe, but still will not get a big win in a feud that matters.  That will all change at TLC 2019.  After Roman Reigns retains his WWE Championship in a TLC match against John Cena, the Club will attack and take Reigns down with a Magic Killer.  They then take turns smacking Reigns over the back with chairs.  Finn Balor runs out to try to stop the attack, so the Club turns their attention to their friend.  They take the chairs back to hit Balor when they drop them.  Balor then smiles and does the Too Sweet, forming the heel version of the Balor Club.  Balor calls for a ref and cashes in his Money in the Bank.  Finn ascends a ladder and comes down with a super Coup de Gras and keeps Reigns down for the pinfall.  Finn Balor went from being a face that lost often, to a super heel WWE Champion of Smackdown Live.

Remember, these are all only predictions.  No one can know for sure what will happen next, but it is always fun to write the future.  If it were up to me, the championship would be changed to the Walk With Elias Championship and Elias would be champion for the foreseeable future!  Please comment below with who you would like to see capture the WWE Championship next.  Do you agree with these picks?  Next week we will see who the next five WWE Universal Champions are.  Until then, keep walking.

  • Killswitch

    He’s one of the best sports entertainers of all time, perhaps. But that’s the furthest I’d go.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    You don’t know this is all 5 big guest. I mean yes the Miz will likely become WWE champion. But John Cena is done with being WWE Champion. An it could be Braun Strowman who heads to Smackdown at the next shake up.

  • CC

    Same here.

  • Soulshroude

    Where’s Ziggler, Ambrose and Rollin’s, where’s Strowman, McIntyre and dare I say… Nakamura? This is as bias as an “opinionated article” can get… did I state this the last time? Damn, chummer…

  • HBK

    I stopped reading after “John Cena is arguably the best wrestler of all time.”