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The Revival makes cryptic tweet about their future

The Revival

Former NXT Tag Team Champion The Revival is in news after making a cryptic tweet possibly related to their future in the wrestling business.

Scott Dawson took on his Twitter yesterday and made the following tweet claiming that it’s time to go away for a while ‘until we get everything figured out’:

It’s unknown what Dawson’s tweet is pointing towards but many are connecting the dots between this tweet and talks about their contracts with WWE.

According to reports, the duo’s current WWE contract is coming up in April and it’s not a secret that they have not been happy with their role in the company recently.

So while it’s been reported that WWE Officials are expected to do everything they can to try and re-sign the team, it’s possible that the former Champions might consider other options and leave the company once their contract expires.

  • Anutosh_Bajpai_is_an_idiot

    Former NXT tag team champion…. Guess you don’t realize they won the Raw tag titles twice and the SD tag titles once….

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    They’re kind of overrated, IMO. Barely marketable. Let them go…

  • CC

    Not really much of a cryptic tweet. Seems pretty open and straight forward to me.

    Plus, we have been seeing tweets like this from them for the best part of a year as they know how to work the IWC.