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The Revival under contract with the WWE until 2020

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I feel the Revival will have a good 2019. I also feel that these teams (or individuals) still need time to grow once they hit the main roster, despite their popularity in NXT. I actually thought they were kind of a vanilla team on Raw. Now that they’ve had time for fans to get more comfortable with them, it’s time for a push.
    I’d REALLY like to see the Revival feud with Gallows and Anderson.

  • CC

    I think what he means is that nobody has asked for the release rather than they dont actually want to leave. Neville is the perfect example of why most talents wont ask anymore.

  • Surely you don’t believe that, if anything we’ll probably never know exactly how many people want out because they won’t speak up.

  • CC

    Let’s be honest here, we saw what WWE did with Neville when he wanted his release. And even going back to extending Mysterios contract due to him taking so much time off injured when he wanted to leave several years back. So any talent that asks for their release now is fooling themselves that they will be allowed to go, and will be risking sitting on the bench for god knows how long if WWE so decide it.
    I think the stories of all these people asking for their releases have very little truth to them

    If the Revival do indeed have that long left on their contracts, no way would they risk getting the Neville treatment.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    There has never been anybody wanting to leave the WWE just the dirt sheet trying to stir the pot.