“The Rise and Fall of WCW”, William Regal’s New Faction, Mayweather/RAW

Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights:



– “The Rise and Fall of WCW” is a compelling DVD that is full of controversy, unique perspectives, and is likely about as fair and balanced as WWE is going to be when slamming Turner’s WCW. It’s a three disc collection and has been intriguing as hell to watch. I highly recommend this DVD as it has tons of unique insight plus is documentary style which beats the hell out of match compilations in my personal view

– The new faction that William Regal has “assembled” on ECW interests me. Why? Because it’s new. I realize that everything “new” can’t be great or even good but at least it’s different. Plus, no one knows for sure what the audience is going to buy into until “new” is provided an opportunity to evolve over an adequate amount of time. Two of WWE’s most eligible, young bachelors, Matt Striker and Josh Mathews, if that is their real names, are doing a solid job broadcasting ECW Tuesday nights on Sy Fy. This duo does their prep and care about improving their game. Both should be destined for more, higher profile assignments in the future.

– Monday’s Raw in Vegas hosted by Floyd “Money” Mayweather should be a fun show and I hope that I’m there to see it live and to enjoy a little bit of Las Vegas Sunday/Monday night but I actually don’t know my schedule. The last time I was in Vegas I actually took some of THEIR money home with me. For me, that doesn’t happen too often.

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