The Rock was bullied by top WWE Superstars, shares Bret Hart

After a great run at WWE and WCW, Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart has kept himself busy with many things post-retirement. A web series called ‘Confessions of the Hitman‘ is one of them. On the show, he shares stories and anecdotes from his wrestling career. He recently talked about a story involving The Rock.



On the 15th episode of the show, Hart recalled a time back in the late 90’s-early 2000’s when a few popular WWE Supertars gave The Rock a hard time. Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Triple H were among them.

Bret Hart: HBK and Triple H were jealous of The Rock

Hart recollected that Michaels took it out on The Rock for doing a top rope dropkick as it was his signature move.

“Shawn came in and just dressed him down and he chewed him out. And I believe, [HBK] told [The Rock] to never do a top rope dropkick ever again because that was his move. That’s what he was mad about. And then, he slammed the door and he walked out. The Rock was [deflated] because in those days, Shawn had a lot of weight.” H/T Wrestling Inc

The Rock apologized to Michaels. Hart pointed out to The Rock after Michaels left that the pro wrestlers were just trying to browbeat him. HBK never had a problem with anyone else doing the dropkick, including his brother Owen Hart.

Hart believes that jealousy is the reason why Michaels and Triple H worked on The Rock so hard. They were envious of someone new like him reaching the heights of success.

“Just jealousy, and distinctly jealousy. Seeing someone that is a nice kid climbing the ladder bothered someone like Shawn Michaels or bothered Triple H so much that they couldn’t see passed it. They worked on him and worked on him and it was pretty clear to me.”

The Rock made a surprise appearance on a WWE The Bump episode in April to pay a surprise tribute to The Game for completing 25 years in this career.

Bret Hart had the new kid’s back

Bret and Owen Hart often found themselves standing up for The Rock in the dressing room. In a way, he paid back what The Rock’s father Rocky Johnson did for him when he was a rookie.

“Dwayne’s dad was the great Rocky Johnson. He kind of looked out for me in those days.”

Some of the wrestlers who bullied The Rock backstage were the same people involved in the infamous Montreal Screwjob that led to Hart leaving WWE. They were also the ones who wanted Hart out of WWE as well.

While that did not work out well for the Hitman, he is glad that The Rock’s career took off and got a strong foothold for himself in WWE.

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