The Rock Buries ‘Bad’ WWE Raw Writing

The Rock laid the Smackdown on the state of WWE’s flagship show, WWE Monday Night Raw during an appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s A&E Biography Special. The Brahma Bull stated during the documentary how terribly cartoony the show’s writing was during the 1990s and touched on the transition from that time period to the more ‘gritty’ Attitude era that proceeded it. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the comments of The Rock. The Rock recently leaked this surprising WWE diva photo.



“Everybody felt this interesting shift that was happening in wrestling. That seismic shift now was afraid from the cartoon era, the superhero era, into an edgier, reality based, program.”. The WWE legend added the following, discussing his legendary feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin: “In the world of pro wrestling, you can only control so much. After that, it becomes the intangible. And that intangible, what everybody is searching for, is chemistry.”

In other news regarding The Rock, during the same Biography Special, Stone Cold Steve Austin recollected his thoughts and memories and discussed his classic match with ‘The People’s Champion’ at WrestleMania 19. Credit to Wrestling Inc for the below quotes.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. The Rock was just censored by Peacock. Austin stated: “Almost nobody on the roster that day knew that was going to be my last match,” Austin said. “My nerves were acting up from my previous spinal injury that I knew it was going to be my last one.

Austin continued: “As you can see, I still get emotional as I’m even talking about the story and going back there. I damn near started crying in the documentary. My love for the business is so much, it’s the only thing I really wanted to do in my life for a living. Deciding to retire from that dream at 38 was extremely hard.”

The Rock ‘turned down’ this huge WrestleMania match. Austin concluded: “Normally when somebody wins a match they stay in the ring. Rock won but because I was leaving, he let me have the ring so I could do my final farewell. He gave me that moment and it was really cool.”

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