The Rock Called ‘Coward’ By Female TV Host

It is noted that Jemele Hill raised the issue with The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) for not endorsing President Joe Biden as he did ahead of the election in 2020 via Mediaite.



In a recent interview with Fox News, Johnson was questioned if he would endorse Biden again. It has been noted that citing his massive influence as one of the country’s most popular stars, Johnson stated that he wouldn’t be using his platform to endorse any candidate. Additionally, Johnson said his endorsement came with the unwanted consequence of creating more division.

Speaking on The Dan Le Batard Show, Hill called Johnson out for his comments.

“That is the most statement-not-statement I’ve ever heard,” Hill said. “I love Dwayne Johnson. During my time at ESPN, if you asked people the no. 1 person who they felt like when they did the car wash was the best person that came there — in terms of how they interacted with people, how nice they were — it was easily The Rock or no. 2 would be Kevin Hart.

“That’s the kind of, frankly, political cowardice that’s hard to respect. I don’t understand how Joe Biden is the divisive one when what he’s running against is pushing bigotry, xenophobia, every other phobia and “-ism” you could possibly name. That is what they’re literally campaigning on! Joe Biden is not campaigning on those same things!”

Hill’s frustration with the comments may have been misguided. It was previously reported that multiple outlets — including Fox News itself — have spun Johnson’s quotes as him saying he regretted endorsing Biden because the president has created division.

In reality, Johnson expressed that any endorsement would lead to division, which is why he’s not doing it for next election.

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