The Rock Canceled WWE Movie Storyline Leaks

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon recently made his on-screen return at Survivor Series. It turns out the company didn’t originally plan on having Austin Theory challenge Big E for the WWE Title on last Monday’s Raw as part of the storyline with Cleopatra’s golden egg, valued at $100 million. Vince McMahon Calls Out Star’s Fake Punches



Vince McMahon altered the plans

WWE started the storyline at Survivor Series where someone stole Cleopatra’s golden egg from Vince’s desk. The egg was used in The Rock‘s recent “Red Notice” movie on Netflix. McMahon stated in the storyline that he personally received the egg from The Great One, which was a way to promote the movie. After it was stolen, McMahon stated the person who could find the egg would get a WWE Title shot. Theory gave it back and got a shot at the title but he lost to Big E on Raw.

Fightful Select reports the original idea for the golden egg storyline was “much worse with the stakes much lower.” One of the pitches included some sort of integration with the WWE 24/7 Title. People who are associated with the movie said that this wouldn’t suffice for the tie-in, so they ended up involving Big E and the WWE Title. McMahon being involved in the storyline was also not originally planned, but he was added to add more importance to the “Red Notice” angle.

Theory and Vince were also featured on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW.

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