The Rock Daughter Embarrassing Bedroom Photos Leak

The Rock is one of the biggest names in WWE and Hollywood. However, he also has some responsibilities as a father. The actor loves being there for his daughters and spending time with them.



The Rock reveals embarrassing photos

The Great One recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he revealed that his youngest daughter loves playing a game he finds “terrifying.”

“We play their favorite game. It’s called Daddy, Close Your Eyes. And what comes after that is whatever comes.”

One instance of the game resulted in his daughters giving him a unibrow, mustache, and goatee. Dwayne continued to tell Jimmy Fallon all about it.

“You just gotta laugh it off. When they’re this age, I’m in it. You’ve only got a finite amount of time, so I’m girl dad all the way. Daddy, Close Your Eyes? I’m doing it.”

The Rock is seemingly eyeing a WWE return

Fans have been buzzing for the return of The Rock and square off against Roman Reigns in a blockbuster clash at next year’s WrestleMania. Reigns has been boasting himself as ‘The Head of The Table’ for a long time now. He is currently the reigning WWE Universal Champion, a title which he has held for more than 900 days. However, it seems The Rock has sown the seeds for a returning fight against his own cousin.

During an interview while promoting his new movie, Black Adam, The Rock didn’t give a direct response about a match with Roman Reigns. But he said that he is the Head of the Table:

“Without saying any names, you’re looking into his eyes right now. I am not confirming that at all (about the rumoured match against Reigns),” The Rock responded.

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