The Rock Daughter Lets It All Hang Out In Leather Photos

The Rock’s daughter Ava Raine was recently spotted wearing a leather outfit during NXT Stand and Deliver.



Simone Johnson, the daughter of The Rock, ain’t too bad in the ring actually. And she’s deceptively taller than most women. That name though? Ava Raine? Eww. Also, Schism? I don’t get it. She needs to go solo.

After a long wait of several years, Ava Raine finally made her highly anticipated in-ring debut with WWE. The momentous occasion took place during the kick-off show of NXT Stand and Deliver. Raine was one of the participants in an intense eight-man tag team match that pitted The Schism against Chase U. The stakes were high in this matchup as the winning team would gain control of Chase U.

Throughout the match, it became evident that Duke Hudson was under some sort of control from Joe Gacy. However, despite the odds stacked against him, Hudson managed to overcome the influence and helped his team secure a victory by betraying The Schism.

Ava Raine proved herself to be a valuable asset to her team during the match. She stood toe-to-toe with Thea Hail, one of the formidable opponents from The Schism. In a bold move, she even dared to confront Duke Hudson by slapping him across the face. Although she displayed signs of nervousness, Raine put on an impressive performance for her first match.

Now that she has made her debut, Raine can use this experience to grow and develop further as a WWE wrestler. Her partnership with Thea Hail could prove to be a fruitful one in the future. Even though Raine did not come out victorious in her debut match, she has shown enough potential to push towards a singles match in the near future. With determination and hard work, Raine could potentially build her own undefeated streak on WWE TV.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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