The Rock Daughter Posts Seductive Leather Photos

The Rock’s daughter, Ava Raine made her WWE NXT debut as the mystery member of The Schism just a few weeks ago. When she first revealed herself from underneath the mask, the crowd erupted, although, you would think the crowd would not know upon first glance who she was as she was never involved in any independent promotions. She went straight to WWE (NXT).



A few weeks ago, after unmasking, we would see the look of what would come to be Ava Raine. Her look included jet black hair with red highlights, one red eye, a black dress, and piercings. Now, NXT have hardened the look a bit more by giving her more of a wrestling attire, but still keeping everything else in place.

Over the past few weeks, Raine has shown that she inherited her father’s ability on the mic but is yet to step into the ring and show the WWE Universe what she can bring to the table physically.

Since making her debut, The WWE Universe has been buzzing at the prospect of Ava Raine joining The Bloodline on the main roster. As a member of the Anoa’i family through a blood pact, Raine could technically be classed as a member of the group.

It appears that Jimmy Uso already sees her as part of The Bloodline even though she is yet to make her allegiances known. One-half of the Undisputed Tag Team Champion recently spoke to TMZ about Ava’s debut and the potential addition of Raine to The Bloodline.

He said: “So, either way, whether it’s down there [NXT], up on the main roster, I’m with it, I’m all for it. We’re all family bro. We all look out for her. I’m sure she’s got the whole squad on her side, the whole family, her dad, us, the cousins. I’m sure if she reaches out, we got her.” [H/T – POST Wrestling]

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