The Rock Drops Sad Health Bombshell To Fans

The Rock is one of the greatest in-ring performers with incredible mic skills. He eventually transitioned his career to acting and gained equal success in the field. However, he did not have the smoothest of starts. The Great One under his Rocky Maivia moniker received a lot of criticism from the fans and eventually led to the infamous ”Die Rocky die” chants.



Not only that, but The Rock had a very rough upbringing, as he struggled a lot financially and faced a lot of hurdles before he became the megastar that he is today.

The Rock opens up on dealing with anxiety

He recently took to Instagram and uploaded a video, where he opened up about his own struggles with mental health and anxiety.

“I’ve been down the road, brother so I always got your back @jayglazer.

For you guys out there who’ve gone thru anxiety attacks, panic attacks, fought your way thru depression or as we call it, “the gray”
I understand and I’ve been there.
It’s never a race with mental health, it’s a steady journey thru it all — blue skies to gray and everything in between.

Great to see Jay’s journey inspire so many people around the world.
His new book #Unbreakable – which I highly recommend – is making real impact. 👏🏾🌍

One of the most important things people who might be struggling with mental health need to know is that they’re not alone in the fight.
Be there for ‘‘em. Offer your hand and your back.
It’s what we do.
Pull each other up, dust our shit off and come back stronger.

Great #SchoolOfGreatness podcast with my buddies @jayglazer & @lewishowes 👏🏾👏🏾🥃

Jay’s best selling book UNBREAKABLE is available on Amazon and anywhere books are sold.



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The Rock has sown the seeds for a WrestleMania match with his cousin and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns via Young Rock. During Tuesday’s episode of the NBC show about the early life of Dwayne Johnson, the actor playing Johnson could be seen watching wrestling with his family when a child actor playing Reigns jumped on him. When little Reigns wanted to wrestle and told him to acknowledge him, Johnson’s actor stated that a match like that can only happen at WrestleMania. Over the last few years, there has been talking about this blockbuster bout that would likely be Rock’s final match. We will have to see if that match will take place in the future.


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