The Rock Drops WWE Hall of Fame Bombshell

The Rock rarely talks about the WWE Hall of Fame, as he is not yet an inductee, but he reacted to Molly Holly’s induction on Twitter.



“This is awesome news [clapping hands sign emoji x 3] Always a class act, entertained the hell outta the crowd and worked her butt off every night blazing the path for all future female athletes in WWE.”

The Rock had a memorable feud with Shane ‘The Hurricane’ Helms on WWE Raw in early 2003, his final Raw feud, as he never had televised matches during his 2011-2013 comeback. Shane Helms discussed the feud on WWE’s The Bump today. A WrestleMania teaser featuring The Rock was just revealed.

“It was only going to be one time. You know, that first interaction we had in Toronto that was all on paper what it was scheduled to be. It just steamrolled into next week we do another promo and next week we do another promo and it just got funnier and funnier. Rock was so great.

He was appreciative because one of the jabs that he gave at me was a line that I gave him. When he picked up his phone and goes, ‘it’s nothing, he says he knows you.’

That was my line and I suggested it to him and he popped on it, you know; because I knew without a doubt who’s getting the rub here, you know what I mean. It was kinda like ‘make sure I hold my own.’ It’s weird, because it wasn’t a very big feud, but I feel that people talk about that just as much as any feud I wrestled.”

The Rock last appeared on WWE TV on Smackdown’s FOX debut in October 2019. A WWE title picture featuring The Rock and Bobby Lashley was recently uploaded.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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