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The Rock Explains What Made Him Get Into The Wrestling Business

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is scheduled to appear on this Sunday’s episode of Oprah’s Master Class on the OWN Network. In this video (see down below), The Rock explained his decision to stop playing football and get into the wrestling business.

“I found that with depression you feel like you are alone, and you feel like it’s only you and your in your bubble and I wish I had someone at that time who just pulled me aside and said you’re going to be ok.

You just have to hold on to that fundamental quality of faith and on the other side of your pain is something good. After about a month and a half of staying in that little apartment and cleaning, I got a phone call from the head coach of the team who cut me.

The head coach of the Calgary Stampeders, he called me, and he said hey I know we cut you, but I like you to come back. I said ok I appreciate that Coach thank you very much I’ll think about it . He said ok great I hung up the phone, and my dad asked if I was going to do it. I said I don’t think, I think I’m done with that, and I said that is what my gut tells me. He said what are you gonna do? I took a deep breath and said I’d like to get into the business.

He said what business, I said the wrestling business. He said you are throwing it all away. It’s the worst mistake you’ll ever make. He said you’re ruining your career. I said maybe I’ll be no good but I feel like in my heart I had to do this and I need you to train me or I need you to not to train me. My dad rose to the occasion, and it wound up being one of the greatest chapters in my life.”

Check out the clip here: