The Rock Gets Big Names Cut From WWE Show

The wrestling world was in for a massive surprise during this week’s episode of SmackDown when the iconic Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made an unexpected appearance. The electrifying presence of The Rock lit up the show for nearly twenty minutes, creating a ripple effect throughout the rest of the broadcast.



The Rock’s return to the squared circle was a momentous occasion, and one of the highlights of the evening was a special interaction between The People’s Champion and another legendary figure in the wrestling world, John Cena. For fans, this reunion was nothing short of a homecoming of two of the biggest stars in WWE history.

Backstage footage of The Rock before his SmackDown appearance is also making the rounds, providing a glimpse into the pre-show excitement and preparations. For those craving an unfiltered experience of The Rock’s promo, uncensored video footage of his verbal exchange with Austin Theory is available as well.

Once The Rock stepped into the ring, he demonstrated his unmatched charisma and crowd-commanding skills. With a touch of humor, he engaged the Denver audience, even jesting about how he could potentially get them to chant derogatory words at Austin Theory for a prolonged duration. The Rock’s time in the spotlight was undeniably special, filled with his trademark energy and charm. BWE also reported that Smackdown was changed due to The Rock’s segment running longer than expected.

Few things being changed due to the kick off. So time / seg / promos / ads cuts happening live now.

However, such a monumental appearance by The Rock naturally extended beyond its allotted time, prompting some adjustments to the show’s schedule. The specifics of which segments needed to be trimmed or modified to accommodate The Rock’s extended presence were not disclosed, but it’s a testament to The Rock’s enduring appeal and star power that changes had to be made to adapt to his electrifying performance.

As the wrestling world eagerly anticipates The Rock’s next WWE appearance, one thing remains clear: Dwayne Johnson’s presence on SmackDown is an unparalleled draw for viewership. Regardless of the time he takes, The Rock’s return to WWE is a momentous occasion that continues to captivate fans and elevate the excitement surrounding the world of professional wrestling.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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