The Rock Heartbroken After WWE Legend ‘Died Suddenly’

The Rock took to his Instagram and uploaded a video of himself talking about his father’s death on Father’s Day.



Had to tap back in to all my guys out there who – like me – no longer have our fathers to say Happy Father’s Day to.

My old man died suddenly a few years ago.
Unfortunately, we got in a fight about a month earlier and I never reconciled with him or even had a chance to say goodbye.

So for me, every Father’s Day has become very tricky because there’s a lot pain.

But every Father’s Day is also one of my greatest days because I have three amazing daughters who tell me, I love you and Happy Fathers Day.

To my guys out there, if your old man is still around – consider it a blessing. Even if you and your dad are working thru some complicated shit. I’ve been there and I understand. But do your best to reconcile and get that drama behind you and get right with your dad.
It’s important.

Because the alternative is regret and I don’t want that for you.

Happy Fathers Day.
We’re all lucky boys.
“I’ll take care of it”

In 2020, WWE made a significant splash in the wrestling world by signing Simone Johnson, the daughter of wrestling icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The young talent began training at the WWE Performance Center, sparking high expectations from fans and the industry alike. However, despite her debut as Ava Raine and her presence in WWE NXT, Simone Johnson has yet to make a substantial impact in the ring, leading to doubts about her future on television.

At just 21 years old, Simone Johnson has been considered a promising prospect for WWE, with the potential to follow in her father’s footsteps and showcase the same athletic prowess that made The Rock a household name. As a member of the Schism stable in WWE NXT, she had the opportunity to develop her skills and prove herself to the fans.

While Simone Johnson did make her singles debut a few weeks ago, the match received widespread criticism due to her perceived lack of in-ring ability. Despite spending over two years in developmental training, Raine has struggled to demonstrate noticeable improvement in her wrestling skills.

Dutch Mantell, a respected figure in the wrestling industry, expressed his opinion on the matter during a podcast discussion. Mantell believes that Simone Johnson is still inexperienced as a wrestler, referring to her as being “green.” He further suggested that The Rock himself would not allow his daughter to appear on television at this point, as it could potentially reflect poorly on him and their family name.

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Harrison Carter
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