The Rock ‘Humiliated’ Logan Paul In Video

The YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Logan Paul has built up his fanbase with his enticing vlogs and it also features famous personalities across the globe. The Hollywood star and former WWE star The Rock had also made his presence felt in his vlog on one occasion.



Logan Paul mocked The Rock with a parrot

A throwback to a classic Logan Paul vlog that features the pro-wrestler-turned actor, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson started resurfacing. The video clip takes an interesting turn when the YouTuber “SNUCK ON SET” designed for one of The Rock’s projects.

In the video, initially released in March 2017, Logan Paul reveals he will be “shooting with my main man, my guy, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson!” for a video intended for the former wrestle’s YouTube channel.

The vlog started with Logan talking about the success of the two’s previous works, wherein Logan’s video gathered over 48 million views on Facebook. Slyly hinting that he believes their then-latest video will also garner millions of views. But what made fans’ ribs tickle was what Logan Paul’s pet parrot, Maverick, chirped out.

After congratulating Logan for shooting another video with The Rock, Maverick claimed WWE star John Cena was “better.” He also felt that “In a fight, he would win.”  After making the YouTuber wait, Dwayne Johnson finally made an appearance on set to shoot. The two talked about their previous collaborations before rehearsing and finally get to shooting for their video.

It was noted that following the end of their shoot, Logan, as he mentions in the title, snuck onto the set of Ballers which is an HBO series featuring the legendary Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The YouTuber explored the huge set of the series vlogging all of his antics, before making it to the “video village”.

While strolling around the set, one of the workers on the set presumes Logan to be one of the background actors. Leaving the YouTuber no choice but to act as “Jared,” the computer guy. Thankfully, The Rock catches Logan on time and says, “Logan, what the f**k are you doing here?” To which Logan hysterically replies, “Okay. It is me, Dwayne. I’m sorry.”  Logan Paul finally leaves The Rock after apologizing to him. But he left with a parting shot, saying, “Imma get out of your hair.” 

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