The Rock In Trouble After Ripping Off Nate Diaz

UFC is not willing to pay its fighters for the new fighting shoes that they will wear. It came to light after co-branded UFC and Project Rock shoes became the MMA promotion’s official footwear. The slogan read, “For those that walk the walk.” The Rock was present during its official launch and praised those in the UFC who put in the effort.



He talked about fighters too, but is the deal happening because Johnson has been a client of Endeavor since 2011? The UFC fighters are not getting paid for any gear they wear, but they have a contract which forbids them from wearing any brand that is not mentioned in their contract. The promotion and The Rock are in hot water over the situation.

The Rock can easily say that he has nothing to do with it because it’s a contract between the fighters and UFC, but does it solve the concern? Nate Diaz was in the UFC 279 event, but when he went all guns blazing on these shoes, his comments were cut off on ESPN’s YouTube Channel.

Is the company trying to rob its fighters of their basic rights? There have been many partners in the past including Reebok and Venum. The fighters get compensated for their championship/fights, but nothing apart from it. The guidelines raise questions on whether UFC is abiding by the code of ethics or is there a low blow to the fighters that risk their life and livelihood to entertain Millions and Millions across the world.

Do you think this is a fair game, or do you smell something wrong? Sound off in the comments.

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