The Rock In Trouble At Hotel With WWE Star

The Rock is certainly one of the greatest stars to ever step foot inside the squared circle. It has come to light that he once got in trouble for stealing the car keys of a pro wrestling legend.



Hilarious story of The Rock has been revealed

WWE veteran Harvey Wippleman recently shared a hilarious story about The Great One stealing the late great Bob Owens’ car keys. Wippleman and Dwayne Johnson went a long way back, as the latter was sent to live with the former by his father, Rocky Johnson when he was just 14.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s One on One, the former WWE manager recalled Rocky Johnson coming over to stay with him and The Rock one night. When Wippleman discussed going out for drinks, Johnson struck down the idea:

“So, one night Rocky [Johnson] came down, he was in Nashville for whatever reasons. Instead of staying where he was staying, he wanted to stay with me and Dewey [The Rock] that night. So, I said, ‘Okay, we are all ready to go drinking outside,’ and he was like, ‘You ain’t going. What do you mean you’re going out drinking? You’re going to stay right here,’ and he says, ‘I’m gonna take away your keys to make sure,'” said Harvey Wippleman.

It has been revealed that later in the night, when Rocky Johnson and Bob Owens, who had also come over, fell asleep after drinking, The Great One and Wippleman sneaked out after stealing Owens’ car keys.

Harvey Wippleman added that he and The Rock returned at about four in the morning. They came across Owens and Johnson on the balcony and realized they were in trouble:

“So what happened was Bob Owens, another old-time wrestler. He’s not with us no more. He came over that night to visit. Rocky and him got drunk, and they both went to sleep. So Dewey stole Bob Owens’ keys, and we drove downtown anyway. We got back at four o’clock in the morning, and there was Bob Owens and Rocky sitting on the little balcony in front of the hotel [sic]. I was like, ‘We are in trouble now!'” said Harvey Wippleman.

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